Only send a commission request if you have read, understood, and agreed to the following terms of service:
✔females + males

✘ yaoi, yuri, hentai
✘ gore

References must be clear and in full color (unless there is commission is just line art). Description references are declined immediately. 

Only pay after the commission has been confirmed.
Commissions will never be started unless full payment is received (exceptions may apply).
Payment must be made within 48 hours unless otherwise stated. If payment is not made in a timely manner, the commission will be canceled on the spot.
If the client's character is extremely detailed, the client may be charged extra. This will be stated before the commission is accepted. The client may decide to switch out the character to avoid extra charges.

Always use "pay for goods/services" option, never use "friends/families".
Do not pay for the Paypal transaction fee.

A requested WIP will always be in sketch form. At this stage, the client can request for revisions.
To ensure that the client receives a WIP during sketch stage, please state so in the order form.
Rude/disrespectful/abusive clients will have their commission immediately canceled with a refund based on how much of the artwork has already been completed.

Any mistakes done by the artist (e.g. misread description, missed detail, etc) will be corrected free of charge. Mistakes that result from the client's insufficient information in the order or in the WIP stage will not be corrected. 
However, significant changes might be accepted for an extra fee depending on how big the change is. (20%-50% of the original price)
Under no circumstances will the entire commission be redrawn. Please state everything clearly and in full detail when ordering so it is done exactly as stated. If the client insists on a do-over, a new commission should be requested.


The client may set a deadline but must be reasonable. Maximum time needed to finish a digital commission could take up to 3 months.
If the piece needs to be finished quickly or considered a priority, an extra fee will be charged accordingly.
There are no refunds.

The artist has full rights over the artwork.
The client is not permitted to edit/modify, distribute, make merchandise, claim credit, or use the artwork for advertising. All artworks are for PERSONAL use only. Please state in the order if the artwork is for commercial use. An additional fee of 30% of the total commission will be charged.
Notify the artist if the commission piece is restricted and should not be posted anywhere.
If the artwork commissioned is to be posted anywhere for personal use, please credit the artist with a visible link that redirects others back to the artist's homepage.
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