Showing 2 different types of personalities playing the same game with varying results has sparked a trend in the mobile advertising landscape. We tried the “Noob vs Pro” concept for ourselves and it successfully nailed our KPI targets, more importantly providing us with outstanding ROAS. It was our top creative for a considerable period of time from 2019-2020. At some point, it began eating up most of our ad spend, not allowing other creatives to scale. It was time to find an alternative that can take the king off its throne.

We’ve decided to deconstruct Noob vs Pro at it’s core, analyzing it’s layout and how it’s elements  relate to the psychology behind it. Presenting our findings at our company’s Townhall, we’ve shown that the split-screen with slowed down movement on the left and action-packed gameplay on the right represents a form of competition. Aside from this, the difference between the costumes of the Swordmasters are also highlighted, which shows that customization is possible in the game. Both of these are key reasons why most players spend most of their time playing our mobile game.


Borrowing elements from other games that influenced us, such as Megaman for the intro, combining with our findings from our deconstuction of Noob vs Pro, we’ve developed the “Skill Tree” concept. Featuring a divided screen with slow-paced movement on the left showcasing the Hero with varying equipment and Skill Trees, and fast-paced gameplay on the right, 2 contrasting elements simulating a sense of competition. We’ve included vibrant transitions that flows perfectly with the in-game visuals captured directly from the game and tense background music.

Skill Tree finally defeated Noob vs Pro, putting an end to its reign and has become our top 4 creative all time. (Number 2 is our “Phone Heroes” static and number 3 is one of Skill Tree’s iterations: Skill Tree Sorcerer Text to Speech).


What could be better than 2 split-screens? With Apple deprecating IDFA in iOS 14.5, Facebook came out with it’s report dubbed as “The Big Catch System”, giving insights to marketers on leveraging audience’s gaming motivations. Using each of these 6 motivations: Escapism, Expertise, Power, Progression, Self-Expression, and Social Connection, we created a series of ads and pit them against each other. The winning creative– “Progression” surfaced with metrics that rivalled Skill Tree’s. This was also later iterated with Text to Speech for TikTok.


An emerging trend on TikTok at the time was “A Day In the Life”, which gives a glimpse of the daily lives of different types of people. In Tap Titans 2, the Swordmaster has always been an enigma. Even within the company itself, his origins always varied depending on who you ask. Allowing people to experience what exactly the Swordmaster does in real life was practically a no-brainer as a concept. With over the top acting and heavy use of fast-cut editing, we were able to show an entertaining UGC which found much success, later allowing us to spawn other concepts in the same vein.